Interlinx Guided DiscoveryTM Training

Show / Tell / Do



One of the classic learning preference models is known as VAK:

  • Visual (Show)
  • Auditory (Tell)
  • Kinesthetic (Do)

Wikipedia credits Neil Fleming for identifying these styles.  Knowing that people have preferences in how they learn helps us develop training to meet those preferences, thus maximizing retention.

Ever wonder why one person loves sitting in a lecture and another is building towers with legos?  Or why the accountant spends hours pouring over a spreadsheet, and the sales manager is looking at charts and graphs?  Learning styles would explain it.


The team at Interlinx has studied these styles, and has developed the Guided Discovery Training to address the learning styles.  We have also simplified the language to “Show/Tell/Do”. Our teaching/learning tools are built to address one or more of the learning preferences.  Our Guided Discovery includes lecture, reading, exercises, videos and hands on self-guided discovery learning.  It encompasses it all!

Guided Discovery Components

One of the cool things about learning styles is that everyone has different preferences.  My learning preferences are:  56% Show; 11% Tell; 33% Do.  I must be from Missouri. The beauty and the challenge of learning is that everyone is different, so “one size” does not fit all.  For a business to maximize its investment in developing systems for its people, it needs to train users in the most cost effective way possible.  That means catering to their learning styles.

Guided Discovery Training addresses each style type with a teaching tool.  The result is a simple yet compelling model with multiple components.

Guided Discovery Training Components

Guided Discovery Training Components

Guided DiscoveryTM covers the bases:

  • Webinar facilitation by sales—Sales training sales
  • ShortTakes Manual—How-To book
  • Guided Discovery DO Scripts—Hands on checklist
  • TakeTwo Videos—Visual learning like YouTube. Great documentation, videos 2-5 minutes long.
  • Self-Guided Discovery Outlines—For the next new hire or refresher, this is a hands on guide to self-teach.

The package is available for “out of the box” sales training covering Time, Account, Contact and Opportunity (TACO) Management.  TACO Packages start at $4895.  Customized components are available for training beyond the basics.

And for larger organizations, Guided Discovery can include Train the Trainer certification.  Each business is unique.  Contact us to get Guided DiscoveryTM Training made to work for your business.

Customized CRM training:  

Does your team need training, but your business doesn’t lend itself to Out of the Box content?  Need a special date or time?  Let us know.  We do custom training to fit your business needs.