Weblinx™ Site Tracker Powered by VisiStat

Analytics are great, but sometimes the right people don’t get the information they need, when they need it. And sometimes site analytics take you almost to where you want to go, but you need just that little bit more to transform “information” into “intelligence.”

That’s where Weblinx™ Site Tracker Powered by VisiStat can help you kick it up a notch. Weblinx takes your analytics to the next level, where information becomes power. And it’s presented to you in a timely, convenient email. Sales will see if customers or prospects have been hitting the website; Marketing will see which key words or combinations there of are most popular, and Management will see which product pages are getting the most hits. Taken all together and you have a great panoramic view of your Website.

Your email will come with the charts and graphs that are most important to you. You choose what you see.

LeadCaster™ – Leads Out of Thin Air…Poof!


LeadCaster, part of Weblinx, provides detailed contact information about companies that visit your site, even when they don’t identify themselves. How? It acts as your personal B2B Caller ID™, a comprehensive, sublime, real-time solution powered by a world-class analytics engine. It works seamlessly with the entire Weblinx marketing ecosystem, providing unprecedented website proactivity. Nameless Clicks Become Identified Leads.

Know when specific companies view your site and receive alerts via e-mail or text message to keep you “in the know” in real-time.

  • Real-time Reporting
  • 21 Million B2B Contacts
  •  E-mail Activity Alerts
  • Unlimited Users/Seats
  • Automatic Free Upgrades
  • 3 Years Data Retention
  • CRM Integration with SugarCRM or Salesforce.com

Partners in Crime
By working with LinkedIn® and JigSaw®, two of today’s most used and respected contact database sources, LeadCaster can provide incredible amounts of reliable information you can control through one easy-to-use account.


$240/month.  Discounts for annual payments, and special pricing for current Interlinx customers.  This pricing is significantly below MSRP.  Check us out!
1st month FREE! includes 1 hour training.

Weblinx by Interlinx.  Don’t leave your homepage without it.


Weblinx Site Suite

Weblinx Site Tracker by Interlinx Associates takes your website analytics to the next level, where information becomes power.  And it’s presented to you in a timely, convenient email.

Weblinx Support Blocks takes the administration burden of managing your website off of you and puts it on us.

Weblinx Strategy Effectiveness Assessment (SEA) Sessions can help you align your business strategy and your website so that visitors to your site get a consistent, targeted message.

Weblinx eMarketing & QuickStart provides the tools, integration and training to leverage email for your business marketing communications to see opens, clicks, links, opt-outs, call lists.