Weblinx™ eMarketing & QuickStart

You have all probably heard about the services for email marketing—and if you haven’t, you need to be talking to Interlinx Associates.  We are firm believers that eMarketing needs to be part of your marketing mix, and we can help you develop and implement a program.

eMarketing takes sending emails to the next level.  By utilizing an email service, you will be able to use your CRM database, segment your contacts, and target messages to each audience.  That being said, these email services can then give you feedback on your email: who opened the email, how many times it was opened, forwards, links clicked, time of clicks—and much more!

Interlinx has researched the email services and can help you select the right tool for your business.  These tools will work with your CRM system so that you know every touch, every email that was sent—at the contact level.  More advanced functionality can provide prioritized call lists, drip marketing capabilities, send as functionality, and survey tools.

Weblinx eMarketing QuickStart
But like everything, it takes time to get started—converting your existing e-mail templates, or creating new ones—learning a new system.  That’s where the Weblinx Quickstart can help.  We have put together a package to help you get up to speed on sending e-mails, and streamline the learning curve.

Text Box:Weblinx eMarketing QuickStart by Interlinx provides service to help you get your email marketing up and running as quickly as possible.  The QuickStart package consists of creating two email templates, two hours of training for two email administrators, and help sending two email blasts.  All this for $500 (two times two-fifty.)

eMail marketing tools are easy to use, and easy to learn.  We offer this package because we have come to recognize that many times it is not so much how easy or hard a task is, but having the time and coaching to make it happen.  That’s where we come in.  We will work with your team to MAKE Swiftpage happen in your com- pany so that you can begin reaping the rewards that good metrics can give you.

Weblinx Site Suite

Weblinx Site Tracker by Interlinx Associates takes your website analytics to the next level, where information becomes power.  And it’s presented to you in a timely, convenient email.

Weblinx Support Blocks takes the administration burden of managing your website off of you and puts it on us.

Weblinx Strategy Effectiveness Assessment (SEA) Sessions can help you align your business strategy and your website so that visitors to your site get a consistent, targeted message.

Weblinx eMarketing & QuickStart provides the tools, integration and training to leverage email for your business marketing communications to see opens, clicks, links, opt-outs, call lists.

Purchase any combination of Weblinx Site Suite, including Site Tracker, Support Blocks, Strategy Effectiveness Assessment, or eMarketing and receive 10% off the additional product.