Weblinx™ Site Suite Powered by VisiStat

Is your website working for or against you?

Weblinx™ Site Suite powered by VisiStat turns your website into a lead generator.  Weblinx interprets analytics in a simple form to guide marketing teams with maximizing the performance of their websites. For Business to Business companies, you can figure 100% of the people looking for products or services are searching the Internet before they pick up the phone to talk.  In addition, people are researching and comparing companies with competitors and making purchase decision before they pick up the phone. Weblinx gives you insight to the behavior of people on your website. Are people visiting more than one page, watching the videos, clicking on the links, or downloading the white papers? Are people receiving the information you want them to receive? If not, you may have a problem with your content and design.

Who is looking at my website?

With the buying cycle becoming more and more self-directed businesses need to know who is looking at their website.  Weblinx™ can identify individuals visiting your site along with company name, location, revenue, industry and size.  Weblinx™ also lists individuals in other departments and shows LinkedIn connections. While visitors to your site are learning about you, you are gaining powerful information about your visitors. Are competitors visiting your site? Did a trade show introduction lead to a visit? Are certain industries on your site? Weblinx gives you the answers needed to take action.  Click here for a video on Weblinx integration.

Weblinx™ or Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that provides enormous amounts of data but it is up to you to interpret the data or hire someone to do that for you. Weblinx sends you a daily email with an easy to read activity report from the previous day with popular pages, the keywords used to find your site, referring websites, visitor locations, and weekly visits. Weblinx turns your data into knowledge.

Weblinx Site Suite

Interlinx offers Weblinx Site Suite products to help you identify, develop, align, and implement your company’s Web strategy. We go beyond consulting with Support Blocks, which is a Website maintenance service to make sure you are constantly attending to your most important communications tool—your Website.

Weblinx Site Tracker by Interlinx Associates takes your website analytics to the next level, where information becomes power.  And it’s presented to you in a timely, convenient email.

Weblinx Support Blocks takes the administration burden of managing your website off of you and puts it on us.

Weblinx Strategy Effectiveness Assessment (SEA) Sessions can help you align your business strategy and your website so that visitors to your site get a consistent, targeted message.

Weblinx eMarketing & QuickStart provides the tools, integration and training to leverage email for your business marketing communications to see opens, clicks, links, opt-outs, call lists.

Purchase any combination of Weblinx Site Suite products and/or services, and receive 10% off the additional products.

We are all afloat on these rough seas, trying to make our way towards goals that we have either set ourselves or have had set for us.  How we get to these goals is largely dependent on how straight our path, how seaworthy our vessels.  Weblinx Site Suite offers products and services to better manage our most important communication tools provided by the World Wide Web.