CRM Solution Selection Services

Ten years ago, if you were in the market for a sales automation tool, your options were limited. Today, the market is turbulent and new products are constantly emerging. It can be overwhelming. Yet the need to track and measure sales results is more critical now than ever.

That’s where Interlinx can come to the rescue. We focus on Customer Relationship Management and have the unique advantage of knowing what CRM solutions offer, and their unique benefits. We have been asked by clients many times what CRM solution to choose.

Customer Relationship Management
Solution Selection Services


Interlinx offers services to help a company select the best CRM system for their business. Based on defining core requirements, prioritized needs, and deep understanding of the options that are out there, Interlinx can sift the wheat from the chaff, and help you align the solution that will best supports your strategy. Because we believe that a CRM tool is only a way to support and enable your business strategy.

Our business consultants have specialized in Customer Relationship Management and use a data gathering tool, Mindjet MindManager, to capture information. Then we use a decision matrix to further clarify the best fit. But it’s not always a clear path, and some of what we offer is the “touch” of knowing what the solutions can and/or should do, and how that fits your business.

Interlinx consultants have walked in your shoes, and have worked with hundreds of companies improving their CRM tactics. Interlinx has the technical background to identify where your company can leverage I/T tools to your company’s advantage. And Interlinx Consultants have proven track records at small and large companies alike to be able to create nimble and effective implementation plans that work.

We understand the confusion that can arise from having too many choices without a plan of attack. Whether a biochemist developing the next major vaccine, a structural engineer conducting analyses in a metallurgic laboratory, or a top-name designer creating an exotic fragrance, there is always a right process and a right solution. We have a proven process on how to make a complex decision straightforward and objective. And we also know that time is of the essence—a process shouldn’t take forever, and ours won’t.

Feature Fit

Our Feature Fit and Customization consulting is offered to small businesses who may not have the wherewithal to do a formal requirements definition, but still need to determine the scope of configuration and customization they need to best utilize their chosen solution. The Feature Fit and Customization session is a great way to get a jump start on a small project with a limited budget. Call for more details.