CRM Consulting


Get to know us, and you will like us.  Interlinx is comprised of a core team of experienced business professionals from all walks of life.  It is highly likely we have walked in your shoes, we have felt (or do feel) your pain, we have “been there, done that.”  Visit our Biography page to learn more about us.


An Interlinx team member is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.  We are a small business focused on small to mid-sized businesses.  We have corporate experience.  But we also believe in some core values that make us who we are as a business.  What’s not to like?


We hire business analysts and trainers who have walked the walk.  We value experience.  Our professional services consultants have all tested and certified on their product lines so that you not only get experience, but certified technical knowledge.  We have: ACT! Certified Consultants; certified administrators, certified sales consultants, certified developers;  sales engineers; SalesLogix certified administrators, certified developers, on the client and web versions.  We have certified trainers, both external certifications and our own internal cert process.  We believe it is important that our consultants are able to study, test and pass academic standards.

Our team has a passion for business, sales and marketing in particular.  We also have a passion for technology.  But we understand that not everyone is comfortable with the technology that’s out there.  It’s a fast moving world, and some of us come from a time when things were not so fast paced.  We will help your team get on the train.

Pillars and Fire

We have found most CRM implementations have two major components:  Pillars and Fire.

The Four Pillars

  • Leadership support
  • Internal Administrator & Champion
  • Cross-sectional Pilot Team
  • CRM experienced partner

The Balls of Fire

Is our affectionate name for our modified Agile Implementation process.  You have to see it.


Interlinx Associates also offers a wide range of consulting options to help with your business.  In addition to sales and marketing automation support, we help companies manage their websites to identify leads, and evaluate the site’s marketing effectiveness.   We work with clients consolidating system, documenting processes, identifying bottlenecks and applying technology systems to make the work flow more easily.

We can start by helping a client choose the right solution.  That’s our Solution Selection Services–S Cubed.

We can implement a solution and train your team using the Balls of Fire.

We can help identify gaps in your business goals and the systems to help you get there.  That’s a CRM SEA Session–Strategy Effectiveness Assessment.

We can bring your website and your systems together–through Weblinx Site Tracker and our Weblinx SEA session.

We can support your systems through Support Blocks.

Our goal is to be a trusted adviser and business partner with our clients–not just a technical resource.