Latest NPSP Updates Spring 2016

The goal for the Nonprofit Starter Pack is to be flexible with minimal complexity. A few weeks ago demonstrated its commitment to its goal when it reviewed some of the latest updates for the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). This post is a quick oversight of the new functionality for NPSP.

First, Lightning Experience was brought up again. Lightning Experience was unveiled in 2015 but it is worth repeating that it is a new user interface that comes with functionality that the classic version cannot do. Please visit our blog post about the Lightning Experience and NPSP if you are interested.

Next, the latest updates to NPSP improved the process of matching gifts and matching soft credits and introduced an out-of-the-box solution for in-kind and memorial gifts. The great thing about is that if you needed any of the items mentioned before, then a Salesforce partner, like Interlinx Associates, was able to custom build a solution for you. So, if you are reading this and you already have a way to track the soft credits, matching gifts, in-kind gifts, and memorial gifts, someone customized it for you. For anyone else who is new to NPSP and Salesforce or does not have this functionality and wants it, then keep reading.

Matching Gifts

NPSP now has the ability to easily record matching gifts, search for other matched gifts and record accounts with a history of matched gifts. There are fields to add a contact responsible for managing matched gifts at a company, as well as the maximum and minimum gift allowed.

Managing Soft Credits

With the new soft credit functionality, a complex donation can be easily managed with percentages or amounts and can be allocated to several people.

In-Kind and Memorial Gifts

In-kind and memorial gifts now have a place within NPSP. With in-kind you can keep records on declared value, fair market value, goods or services, and store images and hyperlinks. With memorial gifts you can record if it is an honor gift or memorial gift, name of the honoree, name of the donor and who needs to be notified.

If you have NPSP version 3.0 or higher than the updates were added to your Salesforce org but were not enabled. A power user can read the release notes and enable all the functionality. However, if you want anything we have discussed and don’t want to spend the time reading release notes, reach out to your Salesforce partner.

List of Resources

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