Newest Features for Nonprofit Starter Pack

Lightning exampleOn November 5th, Interlinx attended the online webinar “Nonprofit Starter Pack: Overview and Newest Features” with hundreds of other NPSP users, developers, partners and implementers to see the latest updates for NPSP.  The biggest and most noticeable update was the Lightning Experience. To see your NPSP in Lightning you have to first enable Lightning. After logging in to Salesforce click Setup and then click on Lightning Experience “NEW!” located below the Quick Find box on the far left of your screen. This became automatic for brand new Salesforce orgs recently implemented. If you have had Salesforce for a year, then you most likely don’t have this quick link to enable Lightning Experience and you need to talk to your admin.

Salesforce Lightning Example

NPSP Lightning Experience

In Lightning, you can see most of everything on one page. For example, while looking at an opportunity you see the account name, close date, amount, owner, completed stages, status, contacts, payments, activity, details and chatter all on one screen, i.e. no scrolling.  Salesforce has all the data and is not lacking in anyway. In Lightning the data is packaged inside visual buttons, pop up screens and tabs allowing users to stay on an object and make updates and edits to associated objects without leaving the screen.  One example involves adding contact roles in order for people to receive soft credit for grants or donations. Adding a contact role to an opportunity is very easy and you don’t need to leave the screen. It is intuitive and obvious. Training end users to enter contact roles should become easier and help avoid entering duplicate contacts.

Opportunity Lightning

Lightning Example: While looking at an opportunity you see the account name, close date, amount, owner, completed stages, status, contacts, payments, activity, details and chatter all on one screen, i.e. no scrolling.

Also new is the Grant Management, Email Acknowledgement and Merge and Conversion improvements. Again if you are new to NPSP then you are aware of these latest updates but if you have been on NPSP for a while, then these updates are new and exciting.

First, Grant Management offers a way to track information, deadlines, due dates, deliverable close dates, and deliverable requirements.  These new fields are in addition to tracking tasks assigned to grants, collaborating with others, storing documents and notes, tracking activities, and allocating general accounting units using amounts or percentages.  And since most organizations have a unique process, reporting standards and terminology, the out-of-the-box grant management is customizable to fit the specific needs of the nonprofit organizations.

Opprotunity page

Next, NPSP offers a seamless way to send email acknowledgements specific to the contact, account and opportunity with one click. As you log a donation, you have the choice of emailing the acknowledgement now, later or never.  Before you start emailing acknowledgements you must set up an email template. NPSP offers a template that you can edit with a few modifications to get you started quickly.

Finally, you can easily merge duplicate contact records. First, click on the Contact Merge object, then enter the name you want to search for duplicates.  Select the duplicates you want to merge and then select the fields that you will keep. That’s it!

Merge Duplicate Contact Records and NPSP continue to create affordable solutions to help nonprofit organizations operate more effectively. Plus, NPSP is a free application that is open source and community driven. Listed are NPSP learning opportunities offered by and the Salesforce Foundation:

  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Twin Cities Nonprofit User Group – Log in to Power of Us Hub and then click User Groups on the top menu. User groups are listed alphabetically. Find the Twin Cities Nonprofit User Group, click on it, and ask to join.
  • Power of Us Hub

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