Wish you could change your Salesforce User Interface?

Can I change my Saleforce layouts to be more user friendly?

User adoption is always one of the big challenges when rolling out a CRM. For a busy Salesperson, they don’t want to be tied to a CRM that will make it harder to do what they do best, SELL!

So listen to your Sales Reps!

We have come across a tool that we think is SPECTACULAR!
Skuid by Skuidify LLC. http://www.skuidify.com/
Even the website is GREAT!
Not only is it a great and easy tool to customize and simplify Salesforce User Interface, it’s power has opened a new world for the companies using Salesforce with 10 and under users! That’s right, all your Group Edition users, with a very small cost you can do the things you wished you had with Professional even Enterprise editions! And, for the Professional and Enterprise level users, you can customize and add power to an already amazing CRM.
Take a look at what can be done for a Group user that wanted some capabilities that would not have been available if we had not used Skuid!

Skuid has been used to modify this users Activities.  Everything in one spot.  Easy to do just pick a template and then drag and drop!

                                    You can redesign any page or layout on the Salesforce Platform for any device. Your pages can include tabs and subtabs, inline editable tables, multiple columns, calendars, file attachments,templates, and a whole lot more.
Skuidfy your SalesForce!

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