Outlook opens only in Safe mode

A couple of weeks ago I had a very frustrating glitch.  One day, Outlook would not open.  It would spin and spin, but nothing happened.  At one point, I got a message that multiple versions were open (I use Outlook 2013, 32 bit).  We did the Outlook repair, cleaned out remnants of Outlook 64 bit, and finally did an uninstall reinstall.  To no avail.  Outlook would open in Safe Mode.  So for a couple weeks I was using it in Safe Mode.  The problem for me is that I I need my emails to log into my CRM system so that I can see all correspondence with a contact and account.  And Outlook in Safe Mode disables all add ons, so no automatic linking of email to contacts… Bad.

Our team did as much as they could, but we couldn’t figure it out.  So, I went to the Geek Squad!  OK, I am going to get grief from my IT Support consultant friends, and I deserve it…but I needed quick, and I figured it would be a complete wipe of my computer or a total uninstall/reinstall…and I know from past experience Geek Squad can do that kind of stuff cheaper than anyone else.

I got to the store and they sold me the Support Package–24×7 web support.  and here’s what we found:

When the tech logged onto my computer using logmein, Outlook opened!!  I was amazed!  And it opened FAST.  I was so happy.  Then the tech logged off and closed the case.  I continued to work, but Outlook was frozen, so I shut down and tried to reopen…and it wouldn’t, it would just spin and spin.

So I called them again, he started the logmein session, and when we tried to open Outlook, it opened right up!!  So the tech proceeded to scrub my machine anyway (that’s another story) and as a final test, I asked the tech to log off and I wanted to restart Outlook without them on the system.  When I tried… it wouldn’t open!

To make a long story short, we talked about what was different when logmein was on my machine…and the tech figured that logmein uses a very simple video card, and my machine used a fancier Intel video card.  So he pointed my Outlook to the Nvidia card, and it opened!!  And when the tech dropped off, it continued to open, and it continues to open today!!

Who would have figured that out???

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