Dreamforce 2014

Salesforce.com Dreamforce 2014 Convention, San Francisco, CA-

The first Salesforce.com Dreamforce Convention I attended was in 2009.  At that time, we were amazed that there were around 20,000 attendees, “crammed” into Moscone Center.  Chatter was one of the big announcements.  It seemed like everyone was YOUNG! Attendees were the renegades of their company, on the leading edge of adoption. And iPads hadn’t been introduced yet.  I went to do intelligence gathering, as we had just added Salesforce.com to our CRM offerings.  People still didn’t know what “the Cloud” meant, and many had never heard the term.

Fast forward five years—FIVE WHOLE YEARS—it feels like it was fifty!  The average age of the 145,000 (yes, one hundred forty five THOUSAND) attendees had definitely gone up.  Name brand companies usually thought of as conservative were leading the list of users.  iPads, Mini’s, large format phones were mundane, and the new new buzz was all about wearables, apps and what’s coming down the pike.  I finally understood what they meant by having the Safe Harbor statement at the beginning of each session:  The future is now.  But of course it’s not, so don’t make any decisions based on what you hear…

Dreamforce 2014 was all about being visionary, or about having been visionary, and now being mainstream.  Salesforce.com has gone from being the odd-man-out to being the “safe” decision for IT managers.  You can’t get fired for picking Salesforce.com.  Kind of like what Microsoft was 15 years ago.

And the sizzle is so exciting!  The future is unlimited!  I may have been a skeptic in 2009, but I could see the writing on the wall, and I could see the power of Salesforce.com.  It is an exciting product!  It does sizzle!  And what we say around here is, “it just works.”

But don’t be fooled.  Like the saying, “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” so is the CRM Salesforce.com journey.  As much as we would like or wish, you can’t jump ahead to the end.  There’s the beginning, middle, and end. Depending on where you are, it takes a significant commitment on the part of your company, leadership, users and your implementation partner to get to success.

But success is there.  The future is now.

Join us for the ride!  It’s an amazing one!

 Elaine Koyama


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