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I am the CEO and General Manager of a customer relationship management company. We have fun at our company, and we enjoy working with our clients. We help companies link to their customers.

Salesforce Keeps Improving!

Nobody’s perfect and I know a lot of people that are constantly trying to improve themselves. I’m pretty happy with myself as I am, but I still read for knowledge, exercise for health, add notes to myself to get things done, and generally try to be a better me all the time. And Salesforce is…

ACT! business acquired by Kristi Smith Consulting, Interlinx to focus on

Kristi Smith Consulting, based out of Chicago,
Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, has acquired the Interlinx Associates ACT!
business of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Interlinx to focus on

Broadband Internet “from border to border”

Mark your calendar on August 4, 2015, for the first ever Rural Broadband Day, to be held in conjunction with the Minnesota Farmfest.  I remember 30 plus years ago, my brother traveled from Hardin, Montana, to attend Farmfest in Southern Minnesota.  That year it rained, and he, his wife and little kids, and my mom,…

Picking a Partner–Right Sizing

What makes a good CRM implementation partner?  At the end of the day (or at the end of the project) what really matters?  What determines success or “just ok?”  These are the top 10 factors in picking the right partner. Price: This is on the list not because it is the most important, but because…

Dreamforce 2014 Dreamforce 2014 Convention, San Francisco, CA- The first Dreamforce Convention I attended was in 2009.  At that time, we were amazed that there were around 20,000 attendees, “crammed” into Moscone Center.  Chatter was one of the big announcements.  It seemed like everyone was YOUNG! Attendees were the renegades of their company, on the…

Summer’s End 2014

The summer has flown by, and I’m asked now to reflect on everything I’ve done and all that I’ve learned as an Interlinx Associates Summer Intern. I never expected to find myself working as a summer intern anywhere, and I am so grateful to Elaine and Scot for taking me on these last few months….

What I learned During My Summer Vacation at Interlinx 2014

What I Learned During My Summer Vacation at Interlinx 2014 More than a handful of times have I asked friends working corporate internships what they’ve learned throughout their summer experience, and 90% of the time I get the same answer- “I haven’t learned bleep” or “I don’t do anything.” Of course this is an exaggeration,…

“That’s Why Admins Drink”

Listen to this song… “That’s Why Admins Drink” -Dammit Andy As a network administrator, you’re vital to the success of your organization. Consider all of the people within your company who rely on the technology you support. Your attitude, aptitude, and level of professionalism impact those same people. In this blog post, let’s lists characteristics of…

How many times have you experienced this?

Experience focused conference calls with CRM

Outlook opens only in Safe mode

Outlook doesn’t open until video card default is changed. It only opened in Safe mode.