The Interlinx Associates

Tom Zimmerman


Tom Zimmerman joined Interlinx Associates  to handle sales for SugarCRM, Saleslogix and Tom also participates in business analysis and coaching clients on Customer Relationship Management tools.  Tom shines when it comes to coordinating events and projects, and bringing people together for a common goal.  Outgoing and talkative, you won’t miss him in a crowd.

Tom graduated from Montana State University-Bozeman,  with a BS in Economics and a minor in French.  His French fluency is a result of having attended a French immersion elementary school, where classroom work from K-5 is taught exclusively in French. As part of the immersion program, Tom participated in a French exchange program as a fifth grader, living in Noisey Le Roi, France for a summer.

Tom recently received his sales certification for SugarCRM, and coordinates and hosts the Interlinx CRM on Tap event, that brings together CRM users for networking and education.  Tom is also active in the SugarCRM Webinars hosted by Interlinx Associates.

He works part time in the winter as a professional ski & snowboard instructor and supervisor at Hyland Snowsports Academy and during college worked at Big Sky Ski Resort as a ski instructor.  Previous work experience includes software sales for Judah Software, and doing heavy lifting for Barrett Moving and Storage.

Tom has an eclectic background in extracurricular activities, ranging from kickball, basketball, soccer, tennis to bowling.  Tom coached a nationally ranked youth basketball team, tutored college athletes in economics, and was a member of the Minnesota high school state champion tennis team. He has also volunteered for the Minnesota 4-H Foundation, and the Eagle Mount Ranch Foundation in Bozeman.  Tom coordinates several Fantasy Football leagues, and has been the recipient of a highly sought after family bowling trophy.