Sheila Northrop

Sheila NorthropFor many years, Sheila has been a partner in a small genealogy research business and she is also a sought-after genealogical public speaker. Interlinx is already leveraging this experience with Sheila participating in Salesforce implementation training as well as the creation of SFDC training aids. Sheila takes great pride in her ability to communicate complicated information in a readily understandable manner.

Sheila Northrop first came to Interlinx as a college intern the summer of 2014 while a student studying towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Computer Applications from the University of Minnesota, College of Science and Engineering. Sheila wanted more experience in the “real world” of computer applications, and she got that and more as an intern. In May, 2015, Sheila received her degree and is now also certified as a Administrator and Developer. She’s writing Apex code and hopes to test for Advanced Developer certification soon.

But Sheila is no rookie—after a hiatus from college to manage her kids and her family, Sheila returned to higher education. While juggling family, households, and five elderly relatives’ finances and estates, she also turned her interest and passion in her Irish heritage into a thriving genealogy research consulting business. Today, Sheila is president of She is recognized in the genealogy world as an expert in her field, and is a sought-after genealogical public speaker. Her stories about tracing family trees are both fascinating and intriguing.

One of the main reasons Sheila enjoys building programs, algorithms, and data structures is the great satisfaction she gets from solving problems. She received the Chancellor’s Merit Award for Women in Science and Mathematics from the Minnesota Community College System, taught at Mathnasium, an afterschool math learning center, and worked at the IT Help Desk for MOMBrands (Malt o Meal) in Minneapolis. She currently serves as a trustee for an educational trust, involved in all aspects of trust execution including set-up, investment and claims.

Sheila enjoys playing USTA tennis and participates in Minneapolis leagues. In 2009, Sheila played in the USTA 3.0 national doubles tournament in Tucson, AZ, where she and her partner went undefeated during the tournament. She loves to travel, which feeds her great interest in world history and languages. She hopes to cross the globe and at last count is at over 25 countries and 10 languages in varying levels of fluency, including German, Spanish, French, Irish, Russian, Fortran, SQL, Java, HTML and Apex.