The Interlinx Associates

Jane McCall

Jane McCall

Joining the team in 2005, Jane brought a sigh of relief to the entire Interlinx staff. Her organizational skills and tenacious attitude are the perfect solution for a growing company.

Jane has one of those positions that defy definition. Administrative and internal support only begin to describe her role. She brings calm and organization with her assistance to the often hectic atmosphere of sales, administration, billing, receivables, licensing, contract review, marketing, printing, mailing, and co-op partnerships. She designs most of the marketing materials and sees that they safely make the trip from design to approval to printing to mailing.

In her first years at Interlinx, Jane was the main contact for anyone calling or visiting the offices. She still retains the First Chair position, so you’re sure to see her smiling face if you come by for a visit. But she relinquished her phone duties to the automated wizardry of the new phone system that she now manages.

Starting her career on mainframe computers, progressing to the first Apple computers, and on to current technology, Jane has made a mission of supporting companies with their internal operations.

She helped start up a field support department, has done some legal support and was a marketing manager for a company. But wait, there’s more: she was a project manager for a leasing company and helped devise a system that saved thousands of dollars in fueling costs for the city of Dallas.

Jane really enjoys the customer contact and the marketing aspects of her job. She prides herself on being the ‘go to’ person that gets things done when others need her help.

In her personal time, she likes to garden, cook, and make pickles and relish. She likes to listen for the reassuring ‘ping’ – the sound the lids on her canning jars make when her pickles are perfectly packed. She’s also very involved with natural and holistic medicine.

Jane has been married to the same man for 34 years and is still honeymooning.